Demetri Argyropoulos Featured in Inc. Magazine

Demetri Argyropoulos

Demetri Argyropoulos, a member of Leadership 100 and the Founder and CEO of Avant Global, a business advisory firm, was featured in an article in Inc. magazine titled 7 Things That Even The Most Successful CEOs Aren't Doing by Chris Dessi, CEO of Silverback Social.

Since founding Avant Global, Argyropoulos and his partners have generated $10 billion in value creation across a range of products and businesses, successfully originating, co-founding, or seeding more than 50 new companies in a variety of industries, from medical devices to Internet advertising.

In addition, Argyropoulos has raised tens of millions of dollars for charities, working with numerous multi-national foundations and non-governmental organizations. A graduate of Westmount College, he studied at the American University, Georgetown University and Harvard Business School and is a graduate of the Exponential Technologies Executive program at Singularity University. He is a member of the National Hellenic Society, YPO-WPO International, and the YPO Global Diplomacy Network.

In the article, Argyropoulos articulates the 7 principles as things he believes that CEOs don’t usually do. They are “Invest in yourself” by continuing education and sharing wisdom with as many people as possible; “Know yourself” by acquiring such a deep well of work experience at a young age that you focus on your strengths and define your weaknesses; “Seek mentorship” since you are the company you keep and you are a product of those relationships; “Postpone gratification” because you'll enjoy it more when you are ready to appreciate it and you will know yourself better and be able to share it with people you love and admire; “Research and replicate patterns of success” by finding those who have succeeded before you, and learning from them; “Build trust and always follow up” by doing what you say you will do. By not following up, trust deteriorates; and “Know that we’re all dying” by realizing that if you live a good long life, you may live to 90, and if you assume you’re sleeping for 30 of those years, that leaves just 60 years to get things done.

The article concludes that Argyropoulos has given a “profound reminder to leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs that our time here is finite.”


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