Ionian Village Launches Alumni Network

Ionian Village Alumi Network

In the wake of cancelling the Summer 2020 program, the Office of Ionian Village is refocusing on two very important aspects of the program: Longevity and Year-Round engagement.

For 50 years Ionian Village has served the youth and young adults of the Archdiocese. Since 1970, over 18,000 participants (Campers, Staff, Medical Staff, and Clergy) have passed through the gates of Ionian Village, leaving forever transformed. The Office of Ionian Village is working to cultivate enthusiastic support from the thousands of alumni from across the country and worldwide in the form of a robust IV Alumni Network.

This Network includes any one that has been to Ionian Village in any capacity, or has sent a participant to IV. Ionian Village is especially thankful to the parents, grandparents, and family members who prioritized the faith of their children, because without them there wouldn’t be a program. Ionian Village considers these individuals part of the IV Alumni Network as well.

In the months and years to come, The Office of Ionian Village plans to build the IV Network through three steps: information gathering, events/outreach, and establishing the longevity of the program. Today, IV launches the first step of gathering information and contacts of the numerous alumni. 

Please register here to become part of the IV Alumni Network: (

No matter when someone attended Ionian Village, they share a bond that transcends generations. At IV, participants experience the Saints and Greece, rejuvenate their connection with Christ, and develop lifelong friendships. The IV Alumni Network provides an opportunity to re-connect with this ministry that has transformed so many lives, so that it may continue to do so for the next 50 years. 

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