Leadership 100 Approves $6.2 Million In New Grants And Prior Year Commitments

Leadership 100.

The Leadership 100 Executive Committee, meeting virtually on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, approved $6,182,500 in new grants and prior year commitments. New grants approved totaled $1,887,100 and prior year grant commitments totaled $4,295,400. In addition, the Executive Committee unanimously approved a grant of $100,000 to initiate the celebrations of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution.   This brings the total of grants distributed since the inception of Leadership 100 to more than $65 million, according to Argyris Vassiliou, Chairman.

The Chairman added: “We commend the thorough work of the Grant Committee, chaired by Justin Bozonelis. The Executive Committee approved all the new grants recommended by the Grant Committee.”


  1. The Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries - $470,000 over two years for “Effective Christian Ministry” Training.
  2. The Department of Communications - $419,000 for GOARCH Content Creation.
  3. Clergy Leadership Development - $200,000 over two years to provide advanced training for select clergy.
  4. The Department of Greek Education - $170,000 for the Virtual Activities for Promoting Greek Heritage to Greek Orthodox Communities.
  5. The St. Paul's Autism Research and Training Academy (SPARTA) - $160,000 over two years - Providing behavioral intervention to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  6. The Department of Inter-Orthodox, Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations- $120,000 over two years for the Outreach Program to African Americans.
  7. Ministry of Arts and Culture Initiative – $80,000 for the Festival of Festivals.
  8. The Department of Stewardship, Outreach and Evangelism  - $74,100 for the Home Mission Parish Program.
  9. Archdiocesan School of Byzantine Music - $60,000 for the Pilot Year Initiative.
  10. The Department of Inter-Orthodox, Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations - $45,000 over two years for the translation and publication of the book, “Dialogues avec le Patriarch Athénagoras”.
  11. The Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries - $40,000 for the Barna Youth & Young Adult Ministry Survey.
  12. The Chancellor's Office - $25,000 for the Digitization Initiative  of a database of Clergy files.
  13. The Department of Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism $24,000 for the Small Parish Stewardship Survival program.


  1. St. Nicholas National Shrine and Church - $2,500,000.
  2. Hellenic College/Holy Cross Scholarship Program - $1,000,000,
  3. Archdiocese Clergy Pension - $1,000,000, The first $250,000 payment was made in January 2021.
  4. The Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries- $270,000 for Metropolis Camping Ministries.
  5. The Small Parish Program - $75,000 for year-three funding of the $330,000 three-year grant.
  6. The Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage - $65,000 for the Project Mexico Harvest 100 to support volunteers and interns to build new homes.
  7. The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco - $50,000 for the 2021 Young Adult League Conference.
  8. The Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University $50,000 for year-three of the $250,000 five-year grant for Affirming an Orthodox Christian Theology of Human Rights.
  9. The Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries - $30,000 for year two of the $90,000 Youth Safety Education three-year grant.
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