L100 IN ACTION: Issue #1 (January - February 2021)


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January - February 2021 Issue #1

News In Action

Argyris Vassiliou, Chairman of Leadership 100.

30th Annual Leadership 100 Conference Concludes with a Resounding Musical Tribute to Greece

The 30th Annual Leadership 100 Conference, a virtual event, which ran February 17-19, 2021, concluded with a resounding musical program, Greek Music for the Greek Revolution, 1821-2021, that was applauded by hundreds of participants, according to Argyris Vassiliou, Leadership 100 Chairman. The program was organized and introduced by Nektarios S. Antoniou, Artistic Director and Senior Advisor for Culture of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

The program, on Friday afternoon, February 19, opened with a heart-warming performance by the Archdiocesan Cathedral School Choir and included stirring renditions of Greek classical and contemporary music performed by Les Vibrations Sympathiques, conducted by Pavlos Kordis, pianist; the acclaimed Polis Ensemble; Soprano Eleni Calenos, accompanied by virtuoso pianist and musicologist, Dr. Athanasios Trikoupis; violinist Dr. Giannis Zarias and the Frog String Trio and Violin Orchestra; Mode Plagal; and singers Charis Tsalpara and Erini Ziogala, ending with the Ss. Cyril and Methodios Choir performing a sing-a-long Greek National Anthem. The music was accompanied by the showcasing of artistic works by master painter and iconographer Dr. George Kordis, and photographs and prints from the collection of The Treasury NYC.

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Leadership 100 News
Leadership 100.

Leadership 100 Approves $6.2 Million In New Grants And Prior Year Commitments

The Leadership 100 Executive Committee, meeting virtually on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, approved $6,182,500 in new grants and prior year commitments. New grants approved totaled $1,887,100 and prior year grant commitments totaled $4,295,400. In addition, the Executive Committee unanimously approved a grant of $100,000 to initiate the celebrations of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution. This brings the total of grants distributed since the inception of Leadership 100 to more than $65 million, according to Argyris Vassiliou, Chairman.

The Chairman added: “We commend the thorough work of the Grant Committee, chaired by Justin Bozonelis. The Executive Committee approved all the new grants recommended by the Grant Committee.”

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Demetrios G. Logothetis


National Coordinating Committee of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution Meets

On February 9, 2021, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America convened the first full meeting of the National Coordinating Committee that will oversee the efforts of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese during the 200th anniversary of the historic Greek Revolution of 1821. The committee is led by Demetrios G. Logothetis as Vice Chairman, who also serves as Vice Chairman of Leadership 100, and is composed of representatives of each Metropolis of the Archdiocese, representatives of Omogenia organizations, and representatives of Hellenic Studies Departments at universities and colleges across the country.

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Official Logo.

Archdiocese Launches Official Logo and Website for 200th Anniversary of 1821

The National Coordinating Committee announces the formal launch of the official logo and website for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The website, developed by the Archdiocesan Department of Internet Ministries, will serve as the main point of information and advertisement regarding the various events of the 200th Anniversary across the Archdiocese and throughout the Omogenia, as well as provide access to the many educational programs that will be offered online and, when possible, in person.

For more information, and to access the full list of events for the celebration of the Anniversary, please visit the website at https://greece200.goarch.org/home

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Archdiocese Benefits Committee.


Leadership 100 Makes First Payment to Archdiocesan Clergy Pension Fund

Leadership 100 made the first payment of $250,000 of the $1 million contribution to the Archdiocese Clergy Pension Fund in January of 2021. The Executive Committee of Leadership 100, in a virtual meeting on November 5, 2020, voted unanimously to make the contribution in response to a special appeal by His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros during the meeting.

His Eminence reaffirmed his strong commitment to the Priests and stated that the Clergy Pension Fund continues to be a priority for the Archdiocese to ensure a stable future and retirement for our Clergy.

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Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & National Shrine.


Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & National Shrine

January 2021 Monthly Update

A Monument of Memory

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you will see from the pictures in this issue, the walls of Saint Nicholas are beginning to glow! We have arrived at the beginning of the installation of the curtain wall and the first marble siding (lower right) that has come all the way from Greece and the same vein of Pentelic marble that was used to construct the Parthenon 2500 years ago. You will note the brightness of the building, which is the full complement of the lighting that will illuminate this marble from within and create the signature glow of our National Shrine.

When the Parthenon was constructed, one hundred thousand pounds of marble was quarried from Mount Pentelikon, and transported over thirteen miles to the Acropolis, an engineering feat the equal to the Pyramids. Thankfully, we are not bringing so much marble, but it is traveling much farther. Our λιθαγωγία – “stone conveyance” is quite a bit longer.

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